PROFIL Luxembourg

PROFIL brings together representatives of banks, investment funds, insurance companies,  financial industry service providers, private equity professionals, lawyers, chartered accountants, auditors, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, and Clearstream.

While prioritising the interests of their associations and institutions, the members of PROFIL represent the many aspects of the financial centre which has acquired a leading position for cross-border finance in Europe and the world. Its stability and innovative mindset make Luxembourg an ideal European hub for global financial institutions.

PROFIL also acts as a partner to the individuals responsible for the promotion, development and supervision of the financial sector.

In order to promote the development of the financial centre abroad, the Luxembourg Government and PROFIL partnered to create Luxembourg for Finance.

Discover our members

  • The Luxembourg Bankers’ Association

  • Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry

  • Luxembourg Association of Insurance Companies

  • Luxembourg Alternative Administrators Association

  • Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

  • Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg

  • Institut des réviseurs d’entreprises

  • Ordre des experts-comptables

  • Ordre des avocats du Barreau de Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg Stock Exchange

  • Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A.

  • Clearstream International S.A.

Discover our directors

  • Marc Lauer

    Chairman, (Luxembourg Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies)

  • Jean-Marc Goy

    Vice-Chairman (Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry)

  • Guy Hoffmann

    Vice-Chairman (The Luxembourg Banker’s Association)

  • Camille Thommes

    Treasurer (Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry)

  • Julie Becker

    Member (Luxembourg Stock Exchange)

  • Christiane Chadoeuf

    Member (Institut des réviseurs d’entreprises)

  • Alan Dundon

    Member (Luxembourg Alternative Administrators Association)

  • Robert Fischer

    Member (Ordre des experts-comptables)

  • Jerry Grbic

    Member (The Luxembourg Bankers’ Association)

  • Marc Hengen

    Member (Luxembourg Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies)

  • Hakan Mustafa Sekulu

    Member (Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A.)

  • Claus Mansfeldt

    Member (Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association)

  • Jean Schaffner

    Member (Luxembourg Bar)

  • Philippe Seyll

    Member (Clearstream International)

  • Carlo Thelen

    Member (Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce)

  • Carlo Thill

    Member (Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce)


  • Lynn Robbroeckx

    Secretary General

  • Francis Hames

    Head of Administration


The Luxembourg Financial Industry Federation (PROFIL)

12 rue Erasme
P.O. Box 13
L-2010 Luxembourg

+352 27 20 37 1

+352 46 09 21